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As a member of The Society for Embroidered Work Joanna most definitely ascribes to their mantra that 'stitched art is art'. She creates detailed pictures of historic landmarks, wedding venues and homes as well as abstract pieces that focus on the colour and texture of fabric.  

You can regularly see her art work exhibited as she is a also a member of Drawn to the Valley, a collaboration of over 160 artists who live, work and find their inspiration in the beautiful Tamar Valley.


examples of some of my recent pieces


Stitched bowls

Using the offcut threads that would normally be disposed of, Joanna, a passionate recycler, stitches them to create new fabric. She then transforms the handmade lace into beautiful and delicate bowls.



To create a more practical and useable bowl, Joanna takes the upcycled thread bowls and hand shapes them in resin. The finished result looks like glass bu is less fragile. 



Joanna's abstract artworks celebrate the texture, hues and movement of fabric. The rescued textiles are chosen for their ability to portray a mood, a feeling, a look which reflects the environment being created



Joanna can stitch memorable locations for you and mount them on an old map of the area. This provides a context to the piece and makes it even more personal

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