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Memorial Cushions


Julie's Story

Sadly Julie's dad had recently passed away so she and her mum came to visit me as they wanted a cushion created to commemorate his life.

They were uncertain of the style they wanted but having seen a few designs they arrived with three of his shirts. We sat and chatted, as I showed them some examples. The more we talked it became apparent that not only was he a dearly beloved gentleman but he had led a very interesting life.

I felt that we could create a cushion that was far more reflective of his personality. So, inspired they left with the three shirts and went to look out more of his characterful pieces.

Memorial cushions_edited.jpg

Creating the story

As a self-employed maker, it might seem unwise to send clients away as they may not return!


However, what makes me passionate about my work is creating pieces that I am proud of and truly reflect the people at the heart of them. This is why it is so important for me to have a conversation, whether in person, over the phone, by email or Whatsapp! I could have made a simple cushion with those three shirts but I would not have been doing justice to the colourful gentleman this family were mourning.


And how pleased am I that we strove to create something different as Julie returned with sumptuous suede waistcoats, vintage 1960's knitted ties, more shirts and the hand embroidered epaulettes his wife had made him to wear as a taxi driver. In the pockets I found precious mementos which I wanted to ensure remained with the garments as they were part of the history. 


Each cushion was unique using the ties to enhance the colour and design, these I hand stitched on for a pristine finish.



"They (Mum and sister) were totally overwhelmed and had the most wonderful reaction. You really are so talented. Thank you so, so much. Once again, thank you!"
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