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An apron is familiar garment that can be worn throughout the day, at activity sessions or more importantly to maintain dignity at meal times. In addition to it being a protective garment, it is an excellent means of initiating and engaging conversation, as well as a visual reminder too. 

The whole concept of a Marvellous Memory Apron is for those living with dementia to remain socially engaged, sharing their story and interacting whilst maintaining dignity. 

The themed aprons use fabrics to reflect hobbies, interests or profession so as to spark conversation between the wearer and carer or visitors, promoting a sense of belonging and decreasing isolation.

Pockets are included to keep personal belongings safe and close to hand

Fidgety bits are added discretely to incorporate texture and interest for active hands, an issue that many of those living with a dementia can experience. 

Add a palm sized songbird that is nurturing too. This can be easily removed to launder the apron.


Or have a bespoke apron created specifically for your loved one for a greater sense of identity and belonging. 


We can talk about what is important to your loved one and work on a design, discuss what fabrics to use and what would be useful.


Fidgety pieces can be added, family photographs, sound and texture.


For some people pattern may be stimulating but for others plain fabrics will be preferable, which is why the discussion we have is so important.

Dementia memory apron with musical song bird
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