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What a truly unique gift to present someone with that creatively expresses your love 


Sometimes we visualize exactly what we want but do not have the time or expertise to create it ourselves. By talking through your project with Joanna, she can make your wishes a reality.



You can personalise your cushion with:

  • Photographs, artwork & memorabilia

  • Embroidery or applique

  • Add names, dates, messages and pockets 

  • Use cherished fabrics to keep loved ones close



Treasure your child's first year of clothes in a beautiful cushion. Trust Joanna to carefully add pockets for the Tooth Fairy, letters to Santa and secret booty!

Baby clothes cushion wit tooth fairy pocket

School Cushions

Commemorate the end of an era. Let  Joanna transform school uniform and sports kit into a cushion that will rekindle childhood memories forever.

School uniform Cushion

Wedding Cushions

A beautiful wedding venue can be admired forever using applique and embroidery. 

wedding cushion.jpg

Pet Cushions

Immortalise your pet with a cushion created in their likeness.

Custom cushion of a black labrador made



Keep a loved one close by treasuring their most loved of garments. Share their story and allow Joanna to beautifully interpret their very essence.

Memorial Cushion to cherish a loved one
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