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Wedding Quilt


Helen's Story

The client wanted a wedding quilt created for her niece.


It needed to include the Welsh and Irish heritages of the Bride and Groom, where they met in Paris and reflect both of their passions in life.


As with all my projects we started with a conversation. We spent an hour over a cuppa and cake discussing the happy 'Couple To Be'. Their interests, professions, decor of their home, how they live life and their personalities. I asked how the client visualized the final piece.


Creating the story

I always spend time creating designs & planning out the best layout to ensure there is balance.


Then comes washing the fabrics to remove the 'dressing', check for colour bleed and pre-empt any shrinkage. Nothing like a nice windy day to do the laundry!


Even with plans it isn't until the fabrics are there in front of me that I can really get to grips with the design. I tweak and sometimes completely rearrange! As I did here to ensure all the reds, greens and golds teamed well with similar tones. Once I was happy it was time for concentration and accurate sewing to get perfect corners and nice crisp lines.


To finish the quilt I hand sewed the binding around the edge as it gives a high quality finish. I created the quilter's panel with details of when and who made it and added a message from my client to the couple.

The personalised quilt was hand crafted with love and care, reflecting shared memories for my God daughter's wedding present. A very special gift loved by all. Thank you Joanna.
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