Kit Hill Textile Art

Kit Hill Textile Art

Framed, signed original textile art. Kit Hill was created with rescued fabrics -velvet, linen, tweed, organza and silk, which were stitched using free motion embroidery. Having grown up in a make do and mend household I abhor waste so it gives me true pleasure to create pictures that give fabrics new life.


Kit Hill is the highest point in the Tamar Valley and you can see that the day I chose to go and sketch was a very Cornish, mizzly day! Read more in the additional info section.


This original, signed artwork is finished in a white deep frame measuring 25 x 25 x 4.5cm 


  • Kit Hill, in the SE of Cornwall is an area rich in archeology from 19th century mining works to a neolithic long barrow. It is an AONB, surrounded by 400 acres of heathland. Kit means kite in old English, referring to birds of prey. Buzzards and sparrowhawks frequent the area as do a host of wildlife and grazing animals. We are very lucky to see Kit Hill from our window and just before lockdown the dog and I were up there lots, come rain and shine.