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Storytime children's blanket - Boat & Bunting

Storytime children's blanket - Boat & Bunting

An original, one off textile artwork that is also practical for a child’s bed, pram or as an activity mat. Tell stories to your child about the boat on the high seas then let them create their own adventures


• Hand crafted with a range of cotton fabrics which are built up to create the nautical inspired picture with a sailing boat and bunting

• The blanket is made from a pale blue fleece backing and the nautical topper and has a binding of bright red

• It is 80 x 60cm and lightweight but still warm

• This is a unique piece, I never make 2 the same

  • There are no harmful elements like buttons, zips, poppers 

    The fleece blanket is machine washable at 30 degrees and a 600 spin speed

    If you would like a blanket created in different fabrics or personalised please contact me.


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