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No sew beach bag!

Here is a quick upcycling project to make a bag for the beach, it requires no sewing and uses that stash of old T-shirts hiding at the back of the cupboard. 

I chose an old rugby shirt but any T-shirt will do, just check that whoever it belongs to is happy that you cut it up!

If it is an open neck like this then do up the buttons to make cutting easier.

You will need some sharp scissors, a plate or bowl and a pen... that's it!

Start by cutting off the sleeves. Use the seam line as a guide this will ensure both sides look the same. This will create part of the handles

Kids take care here as seams can be tough to cut through, so get some help.

Repeat on the other side until you  are left with something resembling this.

Now we need to finish creating the handles, this is where the bowl/plate comes in to ensure we get an even curve at the bottom.

Place to bowl centrally and imagine two straight lines from the top edge.

Cut along this line to finish the handles

Your shirt should now look like a tank top!

Now to seal the bottom. Make parallel cuts along the bottom edge 1.5cm apart and 5cm high. This is where a striped shirt helps as you have a line to cut to.

 Cut through both sides, making sure the fringes don't get too thin. 

 Once all the fringes are cut turn the shirt inside out (unless you want to see the finished fringes, in which case do this section on the right side)

 Starting at one edge tie the front fringe to it's back pair with a simple knot. work all the way along. Be patient in cane get a bit confusing midway along!

 When you are finished you will see there is still a tiny hole between the knots.

To overcome this we need to tie one fringe tab to it's neighbour (tying adjacent tabs) all the way long

To finish off tie the two end fringe tabs in double knots to really secure them.

Flip your bag right sides and hey presto one snazzy beach bag

 Time to hit the beach!!

Do share pictures of your makes this summer and if you have enjoyed this post pop back for more.

Happy Holidays and stay safe in the sun x


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