Not being perfect!

Wise words by CS Lewis and ones that I live by.

I've only gone and blown it...again! I have a fabulous person giving me advice on how to get my social media looking more coherant...and only 8 days into 2022 and I've been freestyling again 🙄 I can't be the only one? Do you struggle to keep to a formula?

I just get excited and post away...that's wrong...I know now...I will try harder.

The thing is I'm great at listening to people, solving their problems, coming up with wonderful ideas and creating amazing stitched pieces. However, I'm hopeless at following rules, sitting still and keeping within the lines. It's a bit like my workshop, I tidy, I organise, I streamline, I love it. But then I create, I'm inspired, I have new ideas, I pull out more fabric. Then there's that lace that would work perfectly. It's filed in the Lace drawer (seriously I have a lace drawer) but it will undoubtedly be at the back, under all this other rescued lace and how about some organza or that vintage zip (yup I have a drawer for that too!) And before I know it I've not only created a stunning piece of art but a trail of destruction behind me. I think I have a brain designed on a pinball machine, ping, ping, ping.

As a teacher, a pupil once told me that I was the most disruptive one in the class, I think they had a point. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore organisation and everything having its place, I love a timetable, a schedule, a diary and couldn't get by without a list but I do rather thrive on the spontaneous and acting on instinct. Isn't that part of creativity?