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Cocktails on tour!

Well ok not really 'on tour' as such but I did do a tour of my virtual stall!

With all my 'in person' markets cancelled this year I took to hosting events from around the house with Facebook and Instagram, amazing groups of talented makers were brought together by the likes of Makers Cornwall, Duchy Fairs, Makers Market From Home

My market stall moved around the house to suit the needs of the family and make it a bit more interesting. I set up in the workshop, the dining room, the spare room (when the rain was too loud on my workshop roof!) and even our bedroom (after all where is the best place to show a quilt but on the bed!)

This weekend we had a Cocktail and Chat party the night before to get to know the makers, live on Instagram. Was it wise to have 2 Singapore Slings prior to my event? Well I will let you be the judge of that! For Makers Market From Home I chatted with Alice of Wool and Whiskers. Watch the interview here Middday Makers

I will be honest with you, the lead up to these events is terrifying, there is so much to do. Not only getting the products created and building a stall (which in my case takes a day, oh how I envy jewellery makers) but each event has a different format so needs content creating. On the plus side there is no car to pack. 10 minutes beforehand though I am always questioning why oh why I agreed to do it. Then I get in front of the camera and it's time to perform, love it. As I hit the FINISH button so the exhaustion hits too, just get me a cuppa and make it snappy.

You can join the tour and hear more about each product, how it is made and who it is suitable for. The running order is Book Cushions, Cards, Brooches, Artwork, Commissions, Quilts, Advent Calendar, Upcycled Jeans Bags and Memory Loss Aprons if you want to scroll through to find what you're interested in. Just click here Go Live!


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