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Love, Mum xx

It is a beautiful day here in Cornwall to be out and about taking in the joys of spring. I even spotted the first freesia in our garden this morning which is really apt as it was our Mum's favourite flower. She would have loved this one as it's perfume is strong, unlike many that you buy which she said had no scent.

For so many, Mothering Sunday is a bitter sweet day. It's been 20 years since we celebrated with our mum but she is never far from our thoughts as she was the lynch pin to all our lives.

It got me thinking about all those incredible mums, step-mums and grandmas that have commissioned me over the years to create something beautiful for their loved ones. In many cases putting the feelings of others before their own grief to ensure family members have something to treasure when that special person is no longer by their side. Or the mums who thought of creating something unusual for a special event.

So I thought I would celebrate all those mums who I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with, like the two mums who co-ordinated all the guests into supplying items for a wedding quilt. It was quite a feat and an absolute joy to receive such diverse post for weeks, ranging from a fancy dress outfit to a puppy blanket, old work uniform and tea towels!

There was the mum and grandma who carefully chose specific shirts to be the central focus for each child and grandchild when her soulmate passed away.

And the mum who ensured everyone had something special to celebrate her sport-loving dad.

Or the mum who wanted the children to have memories of their dad's life, hobbies and passions stitched into a quilt for each of them with personalised memories.

Many times it is a mum and daughter that contact me to have something made as was the case for these fabulous cushions. The gentleman was well known in the community and his waistcoats and ties were an important part of his character.

These ties were painted by their doctor owner and his daughter and her mum wanted them treasured in a cushion.

Another wedding was stitched into this cushion at the request of the mother of the groom. She ensured the flowers on the picture reflected the wedding colours too, how clever!

And this mum ensured that when she became a grandma it was recorded with a truly unique family tree wall hanging with pockets for treasures.

New mums have treasured baby clothes, remembering the first babygro or the first Christmas and others have involved the children in creating their own quilts that would follow them through life.

And there was the mum who wanted her daughters to choose the items of their nan's clothing that meant the most to them. She made sure everyone in the family had a cushion to treasure, with one parcel even going to New Zealand.

Then there was the mum who ensured her teenager's artwork was stitched into his birthday gift.

And recently a mum who wanted extra special memories for her girls to snuggle under.

All of these commissions were so very different and that is what I adore; I really get to know each and every one by telling their story. Like the mum who wanted a jam sandwich stitched on to her son's cushion because his nan's always made him one. And the mum who wanted starter quilts made for both of her daughters' weddings that had to be themed around their farms. But although they are all so unique and joyously personal they have one thing in common, LOVE. Total, unconditional, heartbreakingly gorgeous, devoted and adoring love.

Happy Mother's Day to you all xx


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