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Daffs & Deserters

Daffodils spring nature Easter mothers day
Cheery bobbing daffs

I love Spring, simple as!

New beginnings, growth and hope, in fact an integral symbol in Maori art is the koru (meaning loop or coil). It is based on the unfurling silver fern frond and symbolises new life.

Did you know that I lived on a Caribbean island? Yup I taught in the Cayman Islands for many years. When I returned the thing that struck me most was Springtime. I can remember being overwhelmed by the birdsong, the scent of blossom and beauty of Mother Nature bursting forth.

The Cayman Islands are nestled between Cuba & Jamaica and one of the first inhabitants was a Cornishman by the name Bawden. He was one of the 3000 marines who sailed as part of Oliver Cromwell’s “Western Design ” expedition to the Caribbean to attack Spanish colonies in 1655. Unable to read or write, his name morphed into Bodden. Today it is a common name on the island where you will also you find Bodden Town. Find out more here Cornwall Connections They have their own version of our Cornish 'dreckly' which is 'soon come' both meaning that it will get done but in no specific timeframe! They even have their own version of the pasty too, a spicy meat patty.

Which brings me on to Gool Peran Lowen onen hag oll! Happy St Piran's Day One & All! We celebrate the feast of Saint Piran every 5th March. But it started as a tinners' holiday for the Cornish tin miner. St Piran was a 5th century abbot, who travelled across the seas from Ireland. He was the patron saint of tin miners and of Cornwall. The annual celebrations range from simply having a pasty and a glass or two of Cornish cider to a full on re-enactment of the story of St Piran. People dress in black, white and gold (from Saint Piran’s flag which is a black background with a large white cross). There is also the traditional Cornish tartan that many people wear on this day which I have tied around the daff above. It is one of my hand stitched lace daff brooches that make great postable gifts See flowers here

Many towns would normally have parades led by the Cornish Flag with local school children, the community and choirs joining in. In Perranporth, Redruth, and Truro there are very big events with performances and festivities. The Perranporth Parade crosses the dunes to the old church led by ‘St Piran and his animals’. In normal years at 9pm those taking part in the celebrations will participate in the ‘Trelawny Shout’, that’s a sing-along in bars all throughout Cornwall but obviously not this year with the pubs shut but like most events it went virtual! And yes in some areas employers still give people the day off to celebrate!

As you can see from above we have had some awesome blue skies of late, so yesterday we got into the garden for some weeding. We were careful to leave the piles of leaves and our corners alone for the hibernating wildlife. The purple sprouting and cavolo nero are still doing well.

With Mother's Day coming up I have created these garden inspired book cushions which are perfect for keeping a book, magazine or tablet safe with your specs, for taking from chair to bed. Or making sure you never lose the remote control down the back of the sofa again. They can be carried to the garden or beach for a comfy resting spot too and don't worry they can be washed. These four are all made with vintage fabric, Sanderson, Designer's Guild etc. with stunning floral designs, a perfect handmade gift. And postable too as I sell them with or without the cushion pad, in fact I can post them directly for you as I gift wrap them but you need to get a wriggle on it's only a week away! Buy here

Yesterday was so glorious that we ended the day with a spot of bird watching at Saltmill, our local park. Now you will have to believe me when I say we saw lots; my phone has it's limitations so you'll have to rely on the footprints in the mud.

So go on, if you can't get out into it then fling open a window, listen to the bird song and breathe in Spring. Hopefully it wont be long before we can all get out and start relishing new beginnings for 2021.

Remember to get in touch if there is a special gift you would like creating.

Keep safe and well, Jx


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