Eggs, ducklings and fine art at Easter

This has to be the strangest Easter for most people. My heart goes out to those who are grieving, poorly, working to care for and support us, those separated from loved ones, struggling with isolation or without a garden. I know how much my garden and sewing have kept me afloat in recent weeks. #covid19

Having spent months creating quilts, cushions and Springtime artworks ready for sale at numerous markets, fairs and an art exhibition; I waited for the inevitable and understandable postponement. It did mean however, that I could offer to post gifts directly for people who found they were socially isolated and couldn't buy birthday presents for loved ones. One was this interpretation of Luna, a pet pooch, transformed into an egg cosy for a boiled egg fan. Mr Marvellous said it was a pretty good likeness, I was quick to point out it was an egg cosy not a fine art oil painting!