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International Women's Day

This beautiful woman continues to be an inspiration to me.

She was strong, independent, resourceful, generous, kind, talented and supportive. She taught me to sew, to follow my dreams, take chances, be brave, to listen, to solve problems, to turn nothing into something and never to settle for second best. We grew up not having very much but she made every penny count and her values live on in the 4 of us.

This was not our house! Our home backed onto these woods, it was our playground, climbing trees, creating adventures, daring escapades into the grounds. As a family we would walk the dog there and on rare occasions Mum would take us on a visit to the house. I created this cushion using her stash of remnants, her skirt and blouse, it holds so many memories of a precious childhood.

So on International Women's Day I send my respect to all those wonderful women who are silent but incredible role models like my mum.


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