Memories Make Loved Ones Live On

I have been pondering this blog for a very long time, I suppose I have been anxious about getting it just right. It is a sensitive subject but it is one we all face in time, losing a loved one. One minute they are by our side and the next they are gone; we all deal with it differently, there is no right or wrong.

Our senses stimulate incredible emotions, the sight of a photograph, the smell of a book, the feel of a woolly jumper, the sound of a song or taste of a certain meal. From personal experience I know that it only takes the smell of newly cut grass to conjure memories of dad and I always ‘have a chat’ with mum when I am using her recipes.

An interesting article in the Telegraph looks at how smell and memory are interrelated. The part of our brain that processes smell also stores our memories. When we smell something we have stored with a memory, the memory is retriggered.