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Mum's the Word

Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible mums out there. All the birth mums, step mums, adopted mums, foster mums and those who are no longer with us ❤

We lost our mum 19 years ago but she's always with us. She shaped us, taught us inner strength and showed us quiet determination. Just months after her operation for cancer she completed the Race for Life on a very wet Sunday in Bristol. We came in last to an enormous cheer from the waiting crowd, she was elated!

That day was such a powerful reminder of her tenacity that when I created my memory quilt it was obvious that THAT tee shirt was going to be included.

When in 2006 I faced my own battle with cancer mum's inner grit and positivity came to bear within me. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on with it girl. So 5 months after my mastectomy I completed it again but with mum there in spirit. She's always there, a guiding light, an inner voice and a cherished memory.

I'll be getting a hug today wrapped in my quilt ❤


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