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Open Skies

Happy windy weekend. How is it with you?

Tamar valley textiles embroidery art
The changing sky

I've been taking part in an Instagram challenge this month with a group of contemporary artists - Makers Cornwall. The premise is for you to get to know what makes us makers tick and what is behind the pieces we make. The hashtag we use is #makersathome2021 because instead of our regular 'in person' fairs, during lockdown we have been doing Facebook and instagram Live events. They have tested us...but that's another blog...

Today's prompt was Outside Inspiration and as always I started to wax lyrical, I always seem to find so much to say!

Total respect for A Cottage on Dartmoor (feat. The Dreadnoughts) Surfin Turnips. I hope you're up having a jig!

Inspiration normally comes from the stories people share with me. Their narrative instigates discussion and allows me the opportunity to transform those words into something beautiful and exclusive. But when I'm stuck I don't have to look far for open skies to clear my mind and let ideas flow.

River Tamar valley atmospheric inspiration environment aonb
Room with a view

From my workshop I look up the River Tamar to Dartmoor, the view changes every day and all day. This one was taken last week when clouds were hanging low in the valley, enveloping the bridge that takes the train from Devon into Cornwall

Railway bridge brunel saltash textike artist quiet contemplation
Underneath the arches

There is a peaceful spot, here in Saltash, for a quiet walk and contemplation, which includes woods and water, nestled under another bridge. A chance to sit within nature and decompress.

Dartmoor walk textile artist inspiration

But when the head and soul needs more there's the rugged, wilderness of Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor, just as beautiful bathed in sunshine as they are when buffeted by wind.

Book cushion beach Cornwall memory keepsake textike art
Drinking in the view

Finally I am drawn to the ocean, I'm a Piscean, it's inevitable! Wild seas and bracing salty air revitalise me. Luckily the beach and the moors are within easy reach. I can't wait until we can return to these most precious of places. Until then close your eyes and picture them and keep safe.

Memory keepsakes stitched art Cornish mine coastline
Stitching Seas

Makers Cornwall are having a Spring Fair on Saturday 27th February 11am until noon. It's a Live event over on Facebook, all you need to do is follow the link here , check out the makers that interest you and follow them on Fb. Then Fb will alert you when they're Live and you can pop in and watch. You can jump about and watch several, ask questions and see close ups of items.

Contemporary art design
Makers Cornwall

I hope you will be able to join me at 11am on the 27th, grab your Elevenses and put your feet up 😉 Jx


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